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Week 5 – My trip to Twittertown


Ok, ok…I know Twitter has been a jumping site to visit for some time now.  I have even had a twitter account since its initial flutter however I only stepped a toe across the border.  Yes I opened an account and engaged in some initial set up activities but that was the extent of my experience…until this week!  I’ve finally actually entered Twittertown, have scheduled some quality time there, and have discovered new skills, new friends, new possibilities, new potential, and new excitement.

New Skills: More specifically I’m thrilled to have set up Tweet Deck and especially love now being able to schedule a full day of inspiring messages in the morning and have them shared throughout the day.  This simple process, small to some, is very exciting to me!  Small skill, big potential impact.

New Friends: It is great to be able to gain quick momentum by having the MasterKey Mastermind group there proactively seeking to engage with me and encouraging my efforts.  The group of my “new friends” are so diverse in backgrounds, experiences, locations, and personalities yet common in the journey to do and be our best selves.  Together they represent a great pool of insight and wisdom.

New Possibilities: Wow…what is the full extent of what is possible using this vehicle?  My mind is certainly exploring the possibilities daily.

New Potential: Just how can I leverage this tool to assist me in living out my DMP (Definite Major Purpose for those who may not be familiar with that reference)?  I’m excitedly looking for the specific strategies to present themselves from my “subby.”

New Excitement: I’m actually looking forward to assembling a new series of messages to share tomorrow.

Week five of this MasterKey Mastermind journey, headed up by Mark J, and the fabulous Davene (along with their support team) pushed me to make the trip to Twittertown and spend some time there…and I’m very glad I did.  Keep an eye out for my next tweet…better yet, send me a tweat at @celestejonson.

Until next time and always…keep believing!