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It’s true, obedience is better than sacrifice.  The success Celeste Jonson has achieved bores it out.  What an amazing story of extraordinary vision, great talent, poor stewardship, wilderness wandering, restoration, clarity of purpose, recommitment, and faith in God’s guidance fostering the willingness to obey His leading.  Read the full story in the upcoming series  of articles.

Part One:  From Tornado to Triumph…and Thunderous Applause

We are sitting back stage of the Kennedy Center for the Arts after a truly amazing evening of song and inspiration. It is the CD release concert celebration featuring Celeste Jonson highlighting her new CD project, “The Other Side of Through”  She has graciously agreed to share with us her story…where it all began, a few key life-defining moments and what her life looks like today…on the other side of her “through”.  I’m Karen Clay, a long time friend of Celeste and am thrilled to be able to observe her being interviewed by first lady of the United States Michelle Obama.

Michelle:  First thank you for sharing your gifts and inspiring us all to press through stormy times to triumph…and congratulations on your new CD.  The evening was labled “From Tornado to Triumph.”  Why the tornado reference?

Celeste:  Well, I was born in an ambulance on the road between Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas in the midst of a tornado.  I often share that story with groups I speak with to make the point that even in the midst of a storm something wonderful can happen!  Laughter almost always inevitably erupts and it is the beginning of my words of encouragement to someone who may be going through a storm.

Michelle:  That’s a great start.  The from / to scenario implies a journey.  Tell us a few of the key life defining moments you experienced that others can learn from

Celeste: Let me put it this way.  I’ve gone from bankruptcy to bliss both literally and figuratively I’ve gone through some strong gale wind forces of life including fiscal, physical and emotional and depletion.  I will say I’m most grateful that my mother watered my seed of faith early on and it has helped me through it all.  Of course it also has created an incredible new life for me and sustains me.

Michelle:  You are living an incredible life today indeed and doing some truly amazing things.  Give us a peak into your life today.  Describe it for us…

 Celeste: Today is a wonderful manifestation of what is possible with faith, clarity, focus and hard work.  I’m most grateful for what I have which I recognize is more than many will ever see or experience.

6 thoughts on “Press Releases

  1. Hi Celeste, Is Part 2 up? LMK, I want to know “The Rest of the Story”!

  2. Tell me more! 🙂 Are you singing or speaking on your CD? Where are you living now? I want to know more Celeste.

  3. Wonderful! Stunning!! Your story is an inspiration Celeste!!

  4. Love the Press Release!!! Your brand is awesome as well. Make it a Super-Fantastic day!

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