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Week 20 – FEAR-less Living


The word FEAR has long been said to mean False Evidence Appearing Real and certainly whoever coined that has a point…a good point. When fear is present / evident, very often it is based on something we have created or allowed to enter our mental space that is not grounded in reality…it’s an undesirable imagined outcome. (Wow, I was just typing and that last phrase just came out…(an undesirable imagined outcome)…I really like that…smile). With that said I came up with another way to break down the letters in the word FEAR…not as succinct but it makes the point.
F – For
E – Emergencies only
A – Always
R – Restore faith and peace quickly


Note: Fearless living sounds really nice and to a significant extent a desired state however in our zeal for optimal states of living we must remember that fear in some impending real danger circumstances serves us well. Life is not always absolute black and white…we must be able to see and leverage gray.


Check out my friend and colleague, Rhonda Britten.  She launched Fearless Institute years ago and in this brief video clip she shares a tip you might want to use.  Until next time, and always…keep believing!


Week 19 – Mama’s Wisdom Confirmed

I can remember my mother often saying to me, “You can sell the Brooklyn Bridge and not even own it!”  As a young child not even knowing where Brooklyn was I didn’t totally understand her comment but she said it with such conviction and so often that I believed her.  (As my friend Les Brown would often say, sometimes you have to borrow someone else’s belief until yours kicks in.)  Mama would further say, “…so stand tall, head up, shoulders back, put a smile on your face and go sell that bridge!!”  I would obediently take that physical posture along with her faith and found myself doing some really incredible things.  The success I met fed my belief and a wonderful cycle of significant achievements in my life began.  Today whenever my confidence may be challenged I remember her directive of taking a power stance (my words, not hers) and reconnect with her belief in me and mine in God, and  I quickly shift anxiety to excitement.

This week in our mastermind group our fearless leader, Mark Januszewski (Mark J) shared his experience with using his body posture to bolster his confidence whenever desired.  He would intentionally raise his testosterone level and reduce his cortisol level via body positioning right before major presentations or other important people engagements.  Yes, our body positioning can and does impact not only how others see us but how we see ourselves. It really is a simple and wonderful fact–one that can totally shift outcomes for you.  So here is your mission, should you decide to accept it, check out the high and low power poses below and then practice high-power poses for two or more minutes a day especially before any important meetings or events to experience this amazing power.

High-Power Pose 2 High-Power Pose 3 Low-Power Pose 2 Low-Power Pose 1

Mark shared with us a video of Amy Cuddy doing a TED talk back in June 2012 discussing various experiments she and her team facilitated to support this concept.  (Click on the link below to see it yourself–it is well worth your time.)  This research confirms what my mama (and perhaps your mama) used to say decades ago.  Indeed Mama’s wisdom was confirmed!

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Week 18 – The Answer, “I am and You are”

Wow, I just finished watching the movie “I Am” (Tom Shadyac) twice!  What a stimulating, thought provoking and inspiring movie pointing to our common reality and what we are equipped to do about it.  It is based on seeking the answers to two basic questions, “What’s wrong with our world?” and “What can we do about it?”  One of Albert Einstein’s quotes summarizes it all.  He said, “Humanity is going to require a substantially new way of thinking if it is to survive.”  I agree.

The documentary graphically highlights real, modern day issues we face, beliefs we hold, and attitudes we exemplify. It says we tell ourselves “stories” to live…stories that are often based on faulty premises.  One of the many thoughts shared was the idea of many being cannibalistic…not eating the actual flesh of another but eating the life of another by unconscionable self interest and boundless materialism.  What is enough?  Were we really ‘born to buy’ and is ‘less’ really a bore?’  How is it okay to step over or simply ignore those around us who simply want and need life sustaining food?  Many waste more than homeless people can imagine? What is further disturbing is the fact that we are hardwired for compassionate response to the trouble of others yet far too many ‘choose’ to override that until it is a major event i.e. 9/11, a tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, or the likes.

Even more exciting was the revelation that science (a story we tell) is finally catching up with understanding what God put in place eons ago.  We are truly amazing creatures with extraordinary abilities to influence and love.  Our emotions modulate our heart signals and emanates a measurable magnetic field that impacts/affects those around us and ultimately our world!  Ok…I know I’m throwing a lot at you in this one post but it is really fascinating and there is so much more.  I’m thrilled that this was one of the films we were encouraged to watch in our Master Key Mastermind group and I likewise encourage you to do the same.  Google it, “I Am” watch it, be amazed, and most importantly do something with what you learn.  What is wrong with the world and simultaneously what is right with the world?  The answer is, I am…and you are!

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Week 17 HJ – Be Great…Be of S.E.R.V.I.C.E.


The key…a foundational master key for us all is to be of service to the greater good.  Our purpose (DMAs), our mission, our calling is tied to others in our world.  When we fully embrace this idea our possibility landscape expands, our heart grows, our love and life expands.  Decide today to commit to being of service to the greater good and to be great at it, beginning today. Consider the following ideas to get your started.

S – Share / Give often and anonymously if possible

E – Engage with others–reach out and mastermind

R – Release your position, old ideas, your ability to influence

V – Voice your ideas, suggestions, recommendations, gratitude

I – Inspire, encourage, and love others

C – Collaborate and celebrate

E – Embrace change…embrace grace…embrace acceptance…embrace life!

One of my favorite quotes on service is by Martin Luther King.  He was quoted as saying, “Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve.  You don’t have to have a college degree to serve.  You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve.  You only need a heart full of grace…a soul generated by love.”


Week 17 – Think, Focus, Concentrate!


You want answers and results? Be still and think, focus and concentrate!

In our Master Key Mastermind reading this week, we focused (pun intended) on the power and ease of concentration.  There were quite a few “thought provoking passages” in the reading and I thought it would be a great idea to share a few to provoke your thinking.  Read each passage and then pause to really think about it.  What does it mean as a stand along statement?  How do you interpret it as it compares to your existing beliefs?  How, if at all, can you benefit from applying the principle to your life?  And finally, what will you do with this information…if anything?  Ok, here we go…

The first foundational statement is: “Concentration is much misunderstood; there seems to be an idea of effort or activity associated with it, when just the contrary is necessary.”  Do you associate an action, effort of activity with the idea of concentration…something you need to do?

“Concentration does not mean mere thinking of thoughts, but the transmutation of these thoughts into practical values…there is always the cry ‘to have’ but never the cry ‘to be.'”  Humm…

“The intensity of one moment’s earnest concentration and the intense longing to become and to attain may take you further than years of slow normal and forced effort; it will unfasten the prison bars of unbelief, weakness, impotence and self-belittlement…” What do you think about that?

“As food absorbed is the essence of the body, so the mind absorbs the object of its attention, gives it life and being.”  First, I revise the state somewhat to: As food absorbed fortifies the essence of the body, so the mind absorbs the object of its attention and brings the ideas to life.  What is your reaction to that idea?

Another of my favorites is, “Intuition usually comes in the Silence; great minds seek solitude frequently.”  I certainly know without question that there is power in silence.  Being still allows you to hear God speaking…His direction…His answers!  Do you take time to just be silent, alone and still?

Last note:  It is very important to be selective, strategic and thoughtful about what you choose to concentrate on.  Be very careful here.  May people pursue symbols of power instead of power itself.  The reading puts it this way, “You may be pursuing fame instead of honor, riches instead of wealth, position instead of servitude; in either event you will find that they turn to ashes just as you overtake them.  Premature wealth or position cannot be retained because it has not been earned; we get only what we give, and those who try to get without giving always find that the law of compensation is relentlessly bringing about an exact equilibrium.” Keep the following in mind, If you wish to eliminate fear, concentrate on courage; If you wish to eliminate lack, concentrate on abundance; If you wish to eliminate disease, concentrate on health.  Always concentrate on the ideal as an already existing fact–this is the germ cell.”   Your thoughts on that???

I trust these ideas shared have stimulated your thinking.  Whether you agree with them or not, the act of thinking is a great activity to engage in.  Too often people “just don’t think!”

con-cen-tra-tion / con-cen-trate:

…exclusive attention to one object; close mental application.
…to bring or draw to a common center or point of union; converge; direct toward one point.
…to bring all efforts, faculties, activities, etc., to bear on one thing or activity
…to become more intense, stronger, or purer.


Week 16 – K.I.N.D.N.E.S.S.


This week our Master Key Mastermind group was not only encouraged but required to identify at least 2 acts of kindness per day and note them in our alliances portal.  How wonderfully joy-filled such as assignment was not only based on what we personally participated in or observed but also from reading the many posts by others in our alliance.  I think it should simply become a part of our ongoing lifestyle.  I admit at first it took a minute to focus in on what to do or notice what others did that fit the criteria.  After the first couple of days it became a much more fluid effort.

I totally recommend you, yes you reading this right now, try it out…and encourage some of your family and friends to join you.  Look for and/or create at least two acts of kindness daily.  To help you get started, here are a few suggestions using the word KINDNESS as a way to trigger ideas:

K – Keep expecting to see acts of kindness everywhere you look.

I – Inspire people as often as you can.  Proactively encourage someone at home, work…or even a stranger.

N – Notice what other people do for others and let them know you noticed.  That will boost their joy in giving.

D – Decide each morning to express kindness to at least one person.  Actually put it in your schedule.

N.E.S.S – …and Never Ever Stop Sharing!

Go ahead and get started now.  What act of kindness could you do in the next five minutes?  Remember it doesn’t have to be a large gesture at all…small words of acknowledgement and love work wonders.  Take some action on it right now.  If you do, you’ll be glad you did (and so will they).  Be kind!


Week 15 – Choose to Live Out Amazing!

Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson

On more than one occasion the following favorite poem of mine has been mentioned during our Master Key Mastermind experience.  This famous passage was penned by Marianne Williamson and has often been erroneously attributed to Nelson Mandela quoting it at his presidential inauguration.  It was featured however in the movie Invictus, about Nelson Mandela’s presidency and the South African Rugby team, as well as several other inspiring movies…and referenced again in our latest weekly webinar.  No matter how often you read it you can see why people reference it when it comes to encouraging optimal greatness.  Here is the poem accompanied with my brief commentary.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”  This brings to mind the idea that many, if not most people have some level of fear of success!  Sure, that is contradictory to what most people will say when claiming they desire to be successful.  I think on a real level they do indeed desire success but the fear, apprehension, change and work attached to what it requires often derails any consistent effort.  At minimum we must honestly ask ourselves if we might be someone that statement describes.  If the answer is yes, we then must determine what if anything we can and intend to do about it.

“We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?” Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you.”  Beyond being identified as a child of God, my favorite part of this section is the last sentence…”There is nothing enlightened about shrinking…”  Too often people do one of two things:  Try to overshadow others to feel important or shy away in order not to not offend or be seen.  Neither action serves a good purpose in the long run.

“We are all meant to shine, as children do.”   We could stop right there…  Do you believe that?  If you don’t none of the rest matters.  It is important to remember that you were built the best, by the best, to do and be your best…shine!!

“We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone, (Note, even those who choose not to recognize or own it has the assignment) and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”  This last part is so very important to keep top of mind.  Every day along the way people see you and watch you.  No, it is not (usually) a conspiracy, it’s just the way things are.  People watch you and are influenced by what they see.  What will people learn from you by watching you?  Choose to demonstrate–to live out amazing!

Thanks Marianne (Williamson)


Week 14 – Nature’s Greatest Miracle 2014


Well we made it!  …made it to and through another threshold to a new year.  That alone is worth being grateful for since there are many who where with us January 1, 2013 who are no longer walking and talking with us today.  I’m both grateful and excited as I anticipate a most thrilling experience in the next 360+ days.  Part of the excitement stems from the fact that I am “one of” nature’s greatest miracles.

On January 1st, my Master Key Mastermind partners and I moved to the 4th Scroll from the Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.  It states as a theme that “I am nature’s greatest miracle.”  Indeed I, as all humans are miraculous creations.  Truly phenomenal!!  You may have noted in the previous paragraph that I stated I am “one of” nature’s greatest miracles because when I think of the greatest miracle I automatically think of Jesus Christ and His works and together they rank in my book as indeed the greatest miracle ever.  Some may moan and groan in response to that statement while others will immediately agree with me.  Either way, I hold to that belief and embrace the fact that I was created in His image…that makes me indeed a great miracle.  It is true that since the beginning of time never has there been another with my mind, my heart, my eyes, my ears, my hands, my hair, my mouth, etc. and never will be.  That being true for every human is miraculous in itself.

The big question for all of us walking, talking miracles is what will we do with such potential for greatness (or greater as Steven Furtick puts it)?  It’s very important to recognize what is possible but even more critical to clarify and press for living full out.  As the scroll goes on to indicate, nevermore must we be satisfied with yesterday’s accomplishments or indulge in self-praise more than self discipline as it relates to expressing greater.

As indicated, these scrolls are from the book, The Greatest Salesman in the World and the basic focus of intent was for literally becoming a great salesperson professionally.  I pose an expansion of the concept to be bigger than a professional application.  We are always “selling” in life…an idea, a position, a desire etc.  The question to you, great miracle, what will you do with your greatness potential and what will you be selling in life?  Whatever it is, make it big, great and miraculous!!  A great new year to you!!


Week 13 – October Sky…Keep Believing

Part of our assignment this week with the Master Key Mastermind was to watch one or more of four movies that speaks to the very life lessons we have been learning these past 12+ weeks.  The first of the four movies I watched was October Sky.  How inspiring!  Young Homer, a high school student in a coal mining town was inspired by the Sputnik rocket he and his town observed on its maiden run.  The seed of desire was planted — His dream was big with possibilities and he had the willingness to take extraordinary measures and efforts to see it manifested.  As our teachings clearly urge, he established a “mastermind alliance” among his peers and surrounding adults to support and encourage him as well as contribute to the process.  His teacher, Miss Riley was extremely instrumental in nurturing his early defined DMP (definite major purpose) until it was strong enough to withstand the usual push back from those with myopic vision.

One of my favorite lines in the movie is an exchanged between Homer and one of his “early-on” adult supporters–a welder.  Homer’s request for further welding assistance was repeatedly turned down.  The welder said, “You don’t give up do you?”  Homer’s reply, “I can’t!”  …and he didn’t.  Even when the look of despair was all over his face.  At one point he was looking up to the the stars in the sky with despair all over his face because he was traveling away from his dream as he was being lowered below the ground into the mines.  Wow…what a great visual…

Finally remember, to launch your dream it most likely will required a short term sacrifice for the long term benefit.  More specifically, you may need to maintain your “day” job while consistently working on your dream in every waking moment beyond core commitments.  Despite nay-sayers including key loved ones, little Homer kept believing, kept learning, kept growing and kept pressing on to ultimate success.  It’s a delightful movie to watch and even more inspiring .  Check it out!


Week 12 – Get Honest, Get Busy!


Each week in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance we are given instructions to prepare for the week, key thoughts and reminders to keep in mind and a list of honorable and tangible requirements.  This week prep bullet number 3C arrested my attention.  It states, “It’s time to get completely HONEST with yourself…it’s time…RIGHT NOW to start over if you messed up…restart now. Your future life is worth it. “Do it now.”

I love the grace of a restart. In the past I’ve labeled it a rebooting, redesigning, etc. and have often encouraged my coaching clients to begin by being completely honest with themselves–and with me.  What do you REALLY want?  What have you REALLY been doing toward the goal you indicated as important?  Once they have come clean, it is then time to release any feelings of condemnation or regret associated with “messing up” — “clean the slate” and begin again.  I choose to allow myself the same opportunity and commit today to begin again with a renewed focus and associated actions to be back on track for mental mastery and ultimately optimal physical manifestations.  The Word speaks of forgiveness and restoration generously given and I choose to fully accept it, exhale, roll up my sleeves and get busy.  You too can do the same. No matter what may have been or is the issue, exhale, roll up your sleeves, get honest and get busy!