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Week Eight: The World Really Needs Love


Ok, I know the title of this blog is rather broad but the application of it is needed in every aspect of our living, working and breathing.  A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that the Og Mandino Scroll we, the Master Key Masterminders, are reading this month is the one marked two.  The driving message is “I greet this day with love in my heart.”  It is a personal message we are sowing in our minds consistently for 30 days.  What would be absolutely astounding, fabulous, amazing and incredible, etc. is if the world at large did the same.  Boy, do we need it…in our politics…in our workplaces…in our churches…in our communities, in our police forces, in our homes…everywhere!  No, it is not required to verbally express it…it works quite effectively simply thinking it and expressing it through your eyes.  Your energy, whatever it is, is discernible.  Wouldn’t it just be remarkable if that energy said, I love you?

I’m in route to shower some love on my mother, sisters, and other family members for the Thanksgiving holiday season.  I just checked into a hotel to break up the drive and get a few hours of sleep and thought I’d record a little bit of the song that keeps playing over in my head.  It addresses exactly what we all need to give and receive…love!


4 thoughts on “Week Eight: The World Really Needs Love

  1. Indeed, Celeste, just keeping it simple and feeling/sharing love is the ultimate. We drove 700 miles yesterday, choosing to do the 11 hours without a break. Already floating on a tide of love. (OK, that’s odd, but it is how I feel.) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Celeste, you have a very lovely voice. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful light. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family 🙂

  3. Hey Celeste,
    My wife and I also were driving across country for the holiday, Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, the word needs to be spread around the world much more than it is these days. I would even say proclaim it from the roof tops. Boy, you song took me back:).


  4. So beautiful, Celeste! Again. I hope the stay with your family was lovely. Thanks for singing again ❤

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