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Week Seven: Limited or Limitless? It’s Your Choice!


limitless-quotes-6.jpg  In simple terms we have two aspects of our mind…two distinct functions and/or responsibilities.  One is limited or more confined and the other is limitless with astounding capability.  Both the limited aspect of our minds and the unlimited aspect have value and play an important role in our achieving optimal success.  One part, however, presents to the average person a definitive advantage over the other.  Can you guess which one?

For as far back as I can recall and likely well before then, our society has focused almost exclusively to the development and use of the more limited part of our mental capability — the conscious or objective mind.  We teach to it, test for it, hire and promote significantly based on how well a person has used or uses it.  What has not been examined and leveraged significantly is the limitless part of our mental capability — the subconscious or subjective mind.  Fully accessing and leveraging it’s power has broadly been ignored.

This week’s Master Key reading seemed to make this case very simply.  Check out a couple of the passages… Hannal says, “The personal or conscious/objective mind has the power of will and choice and can therefore exercise discrimination in the selection of methods to bring about the solutions you seek.  The impersonal, or spiritual/subjective mind cannot exercise such choice BUT it has Infinite resources at its command.  It can and does bring about results by methods which the human or individual mind can have no possible conception.”   He goes on to say, “…it is your privilege to depend upon the human will with all its limitations and misconceptions OR you may utilize the potentialities of Infinity by make use of the subconscious mind.”  So limited or limitless?  Which do you choose to develop and strengthen?  As the quote says up top, you have what it takes to make your dreams come true.  Reawaken your limitless mindset!

Interest peaked?  Great…it’s certainly a fascinating and “life-changing process, well worth it…and a topic for another blog post.  Come back soon or sign up for RSS feed. Until next time…and always, keep believing!

14 thoughts on “Week Seven: Limited or Limitless? It’s Your Choice!

  1. Hi Celeste,
    How are you putting into action what Hannal is writing about? How is it making a difference in your life? Any examples from this last week?

    • Hey there Masterkeybec. Thanks for reading my post and your questions. One example of how I am using what Haanel wrote about in week 7 is releasing / assigning my subconscious mind to the task of identifying the way(sO in which my DMP will be manifested. I have used my conscious mind to identify many next steps for various aspects of it yet have no anxiety associated with the enormity of the vision because I have chosen to tap into the limitless part of me. As for a difference in my life…not a huge difference in that I have mostly lived this way in the past. Perhaps it’s just with more resolve.

  2. Go Celeste Go! Love your insight my Friend ❤

  3. Celeste– I love your thoughts on limits and limitless. I rambled through life with a slight understanding of limitless but without any real foundation, knowledge or background like what we are receiving now. Your blog picture speaks to limitless natural beauty and abundance. Thank you for sharing of yourself. Believe me, it helps all of us remember to embrace and use what we are learning and breaking the shackles of limits that life has confined us with over the year. Believe!!!!

  4. I think everyone who is asked this question would choose limitless but not everyone understands what they would have to do. So many living by the red pen syndrome. On another note we have the same pic for our blog site I think its true that great minds think alike LOL.

    • Thanks for your note and for being the other “great mind” who thinks like me :-). And as for everyone choosing limitless, I would like to think that as well but have run in to some who fight for their limitations even with the simple next steps toward limitless is clearly explained. It is probably a prime example of the peptide addiction some people have to less than possible. ??

  5. Hi Celeste! Your post made me think of something I often say to people, both online and IRL. When people are striving, coasting, or feeling down or contemplating giving up I often say, “You got this!” Which I totally and sincerely mean. However, I’m more and more aware that those words mean such different things to people. There are so many who haven’t yet found out about their limitless life, and when they hear my encouragement they measure it only by their past, their current results, and their perceived limits. Sure would love a magic potion or a big button to push that could help everyone, including myself of course, really GET how limitless life can be. So thanks for your post. Oh, and in the mean time, knowing you understand what I mean, “You got this!” LOL. Be well, Bruce

  6. I am so glad to finally be learning to tap into the limitless source!

  7. Great post! I liked it so much, I kept reading down through some of your others 🙂 It really is amazing how we have all been encouraged to think. The realm of possibilities is starting to open up!

  8. Celeste your blogs are always beautifully written, I just love reading them. Your such an inspiration for me, LOVE it ……

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