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Week Six: Pay Attention!



Now pay attention!  When I read / hear this phrase I for some reason flash back to some point as a child when I’m sure it was said…probably in school or church.  Little did I know then that the suggested act of paying attention was and is such a powerful, life defining choice.  This week in our Master Key reading the following words were found, “So with the power of thought; let power be dissipated by scattering the thought from one object to another, and no result is apparent; but focus this power through attention or concentration on any single purpose for any length of time and nothing becomes impossible.”  Optimal productivity and achievement is a result of focused attention.  Greater understanding is often a by-product of focused attention.  New revelations and ideas many times spring from focused attention and concentration on a matter or situation.  With so many wonderful benefits to focused attention and concentration, why is it not a common state among us all.  The easy and most obvious answer is an overabundance of choices.  With technological “advances” being foundational, all of us hear, see and have so many options and messages before us at any moment.  Distraction and schizophrenic thinking and subsequent behavior is at an all time high.  …Perhaps indeed, less is more.

Further in our reading this week we were challenged to begin cultivating the power of attention and I’d like to challenge you as well.  Try this:  Examine a photograph, ideally with a person in it, at least 10 minutes.  Note the expression of the eyes, the features, the clothing, the way the hair is arranged; in fact, note every detail shown on the photograph carefully.  Now, cover it and close your eyes and try to see it mentally.  If you can see every detail perfectly and can form a good mental image of the photograph, you are to be congratulated; if not, repeat the process until you can.

How observant are you?  Are you able to call upon your ability to concentrate and capture at will?  Can you sustain it over time?  If so, that’s awesome…use it to propel your life forward as you choose.  The most amazing and wonderful application of this ability is to hold your desired result in your situation or life in your inner consciousness or mind until it becomes a part of your outward experience. Simply put, in the voice of a concerned teacher or parent, decide what you want and then…”pay attention!”

8 thoughts on “Week Six: Pay Attention!

  1. Hi Celeste,
    Focus is the challenge. Your words on focus ring true with me. Interesting point is I can do pretty well on the sits. Anything else in life and I’m all over the place, squirrel!


  2. When I heard “Davene, pay attention.” I knew I was in trouble – I wish I knew then what great advise that was.. LOL

  3. Wow Celeste. I just learnt something about a subject I struggle with. Paying Attention.

    Thank you. Bruce

  4. Love your insight. It’s amazing how we can let our focus be on so many things but not take heed to what we are letting into our thoughts. For us in this course, how powerful is this realization – that what we think about grows and will find a way to make it a reality in our lives! So worth the effort.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment Alice. I’m determined to DO THE WORK going forward because I want to experience the full impact of optimal focus and “reprogramming”…ushering in an astoundingly wonderful new reality. Stay tuned…

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