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Week Five: Be What You Will to Be…and Do It Now!


Keyboard Keys Close Up

This week of my MKMMA journey the phrase “do it now” rang loud and strong.  It is one of the two statements we are instructed to repeat multiple times imprinting a sense of urgency to improving and growing…rethinking and becoming.  As is often the case, I heard and felt rhythm in the words and that was the jumping off point to recording a fun and enthusiastic video to help me fulfill the repetitive assignment.  From there I thought how cool it would be to combine what I was hearing and feeling with one of my favorite songs/soundtracks…Michael Jackson’s “Wanna be Startin’ Something.”  That song always makes me want to move and groove and the associated message in the original song would enhance the assignment even more.  That is when “I Can Be What I Will to Be” was born.  Following is a glimpse of the key components of the lyrics:


I Can Be What I Will To Be by Celeste Jonson (to the Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ soundtrack)


I can be what I will to be (startin’ somethin’) (Repeat 4x)

Do it now, Do it now (yeah yeah)  Do it now, do it now, do it now (yeah yeah) (Repeat 4x)


Mark J, Davene, et. al you see, chose to teach Master Key

Each week we talk for 2 or 3, all about what we can be.

No more need for cryin’, My subby is buyin’

Good habits I’m supplyin’, There is no denying

Chorus, Verse, Chorus…


First read your scroll, Yes, read your scroll.

Enthusiastically, Blueprint & scroll

Read your DMP, Not twice but 3

Sit still and see, It’s Master Key, etc.

Here is the video…enjoy!

You too can be what you want to do and you might as well…”Do it Now!”

16 thoughts on “Week Five: Be What You Will to Be…and Do It Now!

  1. Great job…if I say so myself!

  2. Do it now…I keep repeating that to myself. For those of us that tend to procrastinate, it’s not as easy as it sounds. There is always something that can distract us. From your blog it looks like you really have started something. 🙂

  3. Thanks for your recording, Celeste!! I really like it. Your recording let to a “chain of happiness”. I dedicated my blog of week 5 to this.

  4. It was truly great video, as you I Can Be What I Will To Be. Great job!!!!

  5. You are amazing! Not only do get it, you can sing about it. Yeah!


  6. I just saw this now!! You are amazing Celeste! what a talent and the perfect song to have chosen to do this with!! Bravo!!!

  7. I just saw you video and it’s amazing, it’s give me some idea. Thanks.

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