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Week Four: Mine Your Mind for the Priceless Gems it Holds



“The secret of success isn’t personality, heredity, or education.  There is something more important than any of them: the ability to think!”  Thomas Finley

The MKMMA is all about understanding and leveraging our ability to think!

Well, I have good news, bad news, and great news. The good news is that you are in possession of one of the most amazing and powerful gifts ever—your mind. Everything emanates from the mind.

Your achievements, personal satisfaction and peace are all a result of your thoughts in action and you have total control of that. The bad news is that most people live below what is possible. It is

often said that on average, we only exercise a small fraction of our mental capabilities.

Those who study human capacity and potential agree that most people are capable of doing much more than they’ve done.  I think an appropriate analogy is how we use computers. Most of us use computers in some capacity in our lives. Generally we use a small fraction of their potential power. As with our minds, we use different parts (applications) for different purposes if we understand how it works. We may use the computer for creating a document in a word processor, for laying out data in a spreadsheet, for researching a topic or person using Google, connecting with friends on Facebook or Twitter, and possibly even designing materials using a desktop publishing software. But rarely if ever is the entire expansive capacity fully tapped.  There is so much more that can be accomplished using the very computer we work on. The same is true of our minds.

The great news is you can decide today to more fully use the power of your mind to create, shape and direct your life to one brimming with amazing experiences. Yes, you have what it takes to turn situations around, to elevate your experiences, and even facilitate a miracle in your life. How do I know this? Because I’ve seen it done time and time again!

The logical question then would be, “How does it work? How can I get the most out of my mind and optimize my success?” Good questions. In my book, “D.A.R.E. to Succeed” I talk about four

foundational principles of success. One of them is to exercise discipline in various areas of your life and one of the critical areas needing discipline is your mind—your thinking and feeling instrument. The discipline of your mind begins with a choice. Each day we are given the opportunity to shape and design the life we want. Our ability to make satisfying choices, wise decisions and optimize our success effortlessly are directly impacted by our mental focus and thinking habits.

I encourage you to choose to think your way to success. Choose to learn how your mind works and then leverage the power of your thoughts to design your life in line with your desires and sense of purpose. Yes, the great news is that you can choose right now to mine your mind for the priceless gems it holds.  What will you do?  Whatever it is, do it now!!  Initial RECOMMENDED ACTION: Leave a comment below!

Excerpts from the book, It’s All In Your Mind.  Author: Celeste Jonson

5 thoughts on “Week Four: Mine Your Mind for the Priceless Gems it Holds

  1. Wow. You have explained it so well! Beautiful.

  2. Celeste, Thank you for the encouraging post! I have really been struggling this last week with the old blueprint and the negative things slipping up. It would feel defeating so I would make myself either read a card or one of the readings and it would help. “choose to think your way to success!!!” May you be blessed 🙂

    • You are welcome Carla for the encouraging post…very glad to hear it was…always my intent. All of our experiences are a wavelike pattern–rarely have I heard, if at all, that any change for the better happens in a straight line. “Just keep pressing forward” is what I say to me…and now to you. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Hi Celeste,
    Are you one of the previous takers of MKMMA? If so what do you see different/same between the students? I see a lot of similar comments from people. I wonder how earlier classes have progressed.


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