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Week One: Fresh Start to a New Life!



There is something truly wonderful and refreshing about having a “fresh start.” It’s another chance to begin down the path to optimal and intentional success…another chance to learn, to grow and excel after perhaps falling short of previous desired outcomes.  That is what I am experiencing now with the first week of the MasterKeys Mastermind 2014.  Having participated in this 6-month intensive program last year I know it requires much to just make it through…and I did.  This time, however, knowing the power of the concepts shared compels me to repeat the process — but this time to really master the principles. Only principles endure and the ones shared here have life changing potential.

Appropriately the first scroll we are focusing on from the Greatest Salesman in the World (Og Mandino) is about beginning a new life!  We meditate on each of the 10 scrolls in this long standing best selling book for 30 days each, (so yes, this process goes beyond the length of the official course).  You see, ultimately this Mastermind is about reconditioning your minds and establishing habits that make our desired success not only possible but to achieve it effortlessly.  How exciting!  So, as the last sentence of the first scroll states, “Today my old skin has become as dust.  I will walk tall among men and they will know me not, for today I am a new (wo)man, with a new life.”  So excited to have this fresh start that will lead me to a new life!  Stay tuned for progress reports!



2 thoughts on “Week One: Fresh Start to a New Life!

  1. I shared your website to 4 social media sites using buffer. Lets hold hands and get to know the scrolls well. We will begin waking up invigorated and feeling great! Looking forward to learning more from you. CE

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