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Week 20 – FEAR-less Living



The word FEAR has long been said to mean False Evidence Appearing Real and certainly whoever coined that has a point…a good point. When fear is present / evident, very often it is based on something we have created or allowed to enter our mental space that is not grounded in reality…it’s an undesirable imagined outcome. (Wow, I was just typing and that last phrase just came out…(an undesirable imagined outcome)…I really like that…smile). With that said I came up with another way to break down the letters in the word FEAR…not as succinct but it makes the point.
F – For
E – Emergencies only
A – Always
R – Restore faith and peace quickly


Note: Fearless living sounds really nice and to a significant extent a desired state however in our zeal for optimal states of living we must remember that fear in some impending real danger circumstances serves us well. Life is not always absolute black and white…we must be able to see and leverage gray.


Check out my friend and colleague, Rhonda Britten.  She launched Fearless Institute years ago and in this brief video clip she shares a tip you might want to use.  Until next time, and always…keep believing!

3 thoughts on “Week 20 – FEAR-less Living

  1. Great video clip! Spot on! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  2. I thought the video was excellent! Remindes me of the Guy & Gal in the Mirror….and the ending, “I love you ____”….and I loved your breakdown of FEAR. Perfect!

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