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Week 12 – Get Honest, Get Busy!



Each week in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance we are given instructions to prepare for the week, key thoughts and reminders to keep in mind and a list of honorable and tangible requirements.  This week prep bullet number 3C arrested my attention.  It states, “It’s time to get completely HONEST with yourself…it’s time…RIGHT NOW to start over if you messed up…restart now. Your future life is worth it. “Do it now.”

I love the grace of a restart. In the past I’ve labeled it a rebooting, redesigning, etc. and have often encouraged my coaching clients to begin by being completely honest with themselves–and with me.  What do you REALLY want?  What have you REALLY been doing toward the goal you indicated as important?  Once they have come clean, it is then time to release any feelings of condemnation or regret associated with “messing up” — “clean the slate” and begin again.  I choose to allow myself the same opportunity and commit today to begin again with a renewed focus and associated actions to be back on track for mental mastery and ultimately optimal physical manifestations.  The Word speaks of forgiveness and restoration generously given and I choose to fully accept it, exhale, roll up my sleeves and get busy.  You too can do the same. No matter what may have been or is the issue, exhale, roll up your sleeves, get honest and get busy!

8 thoughts on “Week 12 – Get Honest, Get Busy!

  1. That’s brilliant Celeste. Keep strong, we will all get there together.

  2. Celeste, good for you on starting again with renewed focus and energy. You go girl. Enjoy the journey.

    • Thanks Rosemarie for your comment and encouraging words. I’m committed no matter what “distractions” surface. I’m looking forward to the point in which I feel consistent breakthrough. I still believe!!

  3. Fantastic post!! A great reminder to be honest with yourselves.

  4. Celeste, Lovely guide. Be true to self and all falls into place! The best part about your post is you made it somewhat personal. That gives your readers an opportunity to get to know *You* which is the best part. Keep going! God Bless

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