Inspiring Optimal & Intentional Living!

Wk1.1: I choose Fresh O.I.L. (Optimal & Intentional Living)!

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Optimal & Intentional Living

OIL: Used for anointing, perfuming, lubricating, illuminating, cooking…living!

Today begins the journey of “refreshing” my life.  This next season of living I choose extraordinary, optimal and intentional as guiding principles…to live full out…to be my absolute best…to honor God with everything He has given me and inspire others to do the same.  Now is the time to begin renewal, not tomorrow and I am totally excited.  From years of speaking, training, coaching, reading and writing books, attending conferences, etc., I am clear to transform anything–particularly something as massive and complex as a life it will require a great deal of discipline, focus and commitment.  I am so ready for the results that I will indeed exercise the required discipline; quickly recognize distractions and refocus;  and fully, and publicly, commit today, here and now, to do what it takes to experience optimal and intentional living.  I invite you to join me in a similar commitment in living your best life.  Revisit this blog frequently for updates on my progress which I trust will consistently inspire you on yours.  I’d also certainly welcome hearing about what you are doing so leave a note if you’d like someone to celebrate your successes and encourage you through challenging times–that would be me.  Until next time remember OIL is used for anointing, perfuming, lubricating, cooking…and living!

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